About us

A Journey to the End of the World.

We love coffee. So much so that we travelled the world to find the best beans. We were in the middle of our trip when COVID hit – we sold the Jeep in Buenos Aires, and move back to Canada.

The name “The End of The World Coffee” came from three things:

1) We are preppers 2) The end of the road in Argentina is called The End of The World Road. It was the end of our trip Alaska to Argentina 3) COVID-19 put an end to our around-the-world-Jeep trip, so it was certainly the end of a world.

After travelling through 48 countries and testing the top coffee beans in each, we carefully selected the highest quality coffee beans that the world has to offer.

Don't panic & brew on,

Jean-Pascal Remon
Owner and President
The End of The World Coffee Co. Inc.
Peace Country, Alberta