The best coffee on Earth.

Can you imagine facing the end of the world AND running of coffee? Hell no. That's why we roast the best beans on Earth, and pack them up in the most resilience bags out there, so you can enjoy the freshest coffee pre or post-Apocalypse.

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Two is one, and one is none.

And three is one to barter with. Order your trio of Bug Out Bag medium roast today. Essential to your survival.

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Spiritually awake.

We surfed on the eddies of the Many Worlds to bring you a delicious cup of coffee.

We're infinite warriors, carriers of the divine spark, ambassadors of the magical, and authors of the most beautiful world.

We walk on the fine edge of Light and Dark, and we roast accordingly.

We are the gods of the ancient days. We conjured hope with love and created a potent, bold cup of joe, to refresh your soul, and set you free.

Cups after cups, you'll elevate your soul, diminish the anguish, and soothe the sorrows seeping through the cracks of your heart.

Our coffee is a balm for the heart.
A holy ointment of peace.
A warm potion to be drink at the altar of your Higher Self.

A new dawn starts today.

It's the Great Awakening.

Transurf reality a cup at a time
  • The best of the Americas

    We travelled from Alaska to Argentina to get you the best beans!

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  • Alberta Proud

    Our homestead is in the Peace Country. We roast in Calgary, weekly. Free and fast delivery country wide on all order over $75.

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  • Family business

    It's a small family owned business. It's coffee by preppers, for preppers.