Why The End Of The World Coffee Company?

Better be prepared than not. Now… The real end of the world comes when one runs out of coffee ;)

What makes your coffee better than the competitor?

1) It’s premium beans roasted –weekly– to perfection

2) Great bags. 3 mil thick, watertight and metalized bag for longer shelf life

Do you ship outside of Can/USA?

We will to Russia, Australia, Denmark. Just send us an email before ordering.

Where are you situated? Can I come for a visit?

We can certainly meet in Grimshaw or Calgary if you’d like. Just send us an email before.

What does SHTF, TEOTWAWKI and B.O.B mean?

SHTF: Shit Hit The Fan
TEOTWAWKI: The End of The World As You Know It
B.O.B: Bug Out Bag
30-06: Famous caliber for hunters and preppers!