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The End of The World Coffee Co.

Dark Winter - Dark Roast Coffee

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This dark roast is everything you’d ever want to get ready for the apocalypse. It’s bold, it’s dark, it’s freaking good, so order a few packs and ride the storm high on caffeine!

  • 340 grams/12 OZ whole bean

  • Roasted twice a week for maximum freshness

  • Stays fresh longer with our 3-mil thick bags and metallic liner

    *Our old bags says "Peru Amazonas" beans. Due to supply chain havoc, we use a blend of Ethiopian and Sumatran beans.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Michael White

I still have no coffee.

Perfect for the next pandemic

I stockpiled this coffee in my bunker. So whenever SHTF the fan, and the WEF releases the smallpox virus as per their Dark Winter 2001 plan, i'll be ready.

Frequently asked question

How fresh is your coffee?

The freshest! We roast small batches every week!

Do you ship for free?

Yes we do. Simply buy over $75 to qualify for free shipping.

Will this coffee help me survive the zombie apocalypse?

Hell yes. Like, 400% more chance of surviving TEOTWAWKI with our coffee.